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The Bible UFO Connection

The Ultimate Guide To UFOs And Their Occupants

A few minutes exploring this site will disclose truths never told, concepts never considered,
and a realistic view of God never revealed.
It will expose the terrible truth of a deception greater and more insidious
than any ever imagined.
It will empower the mind with a proof of mankind's true destiny,
not yet realized, but long desired.
The truth IS out there.
The evidence of that truth is in here.

The Purpose of this Work
Please be aware that this work is not about aliens, or extraterrestrials,
satanic or otherwise.  This work does not claim God is an alien.

What this Work is about:
A Statement of Purpose

An Introduction, and explanation of the purpose of this work can be found here:
The Introduction

For a thumbnail overview of how this research began, and what it has revealed go here:
The Work

Why we say God does travel in UFOs but is not an alien.

The Alien Enigma

This work does not support the concepts of
Zechariah Sitchin
, The International Raelian Movement,
or any other religious organization.

The Key To Understanding The True Nature Of God
While searching for the evidence of flight in the Bible an amazing truth was revealed about the
word "heaven", and a clear explanation of why the sky was so seldom mentioned in the Bible.
This is explained in detail here:

Heaven Is The Sky

Humanity's Greatest Quest
The Incredible Gospel of Jesus

The Great Deception
We are often accused of actually promoting the "Great Deception"
Here are the facts about the "True Great Deception"
Humanity Incorporated
High Evil in the Corporate World

The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up
Is the cover-up of UFOs part of the deception?

The Giza Oracle - The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid at Giza is the largest and most advanced structure on Earth
and may have been built by the Gods of the Bible, Isaiah 19:19

Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Bible
This site is, in part, the largest published collection of hundreds of biblical verses,
which reveal the highly advanced nature of the eternal beings of the Bible, The Elohiym. 
The Connecting Verses

The Vehicles
What are they flying?
Flight Patterns
How do these vehicles appear in flight?
The Beings
Who is flying the vehicles?
What technology do they possess?
Miracles Or Technology

Are these miracles or the technological power of God?
The Lost Books of the Bible - Anomalies In The Lost Books
Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Lost Books of the Bible

Are UFOs Evil?
Is Satan Using UFOs To Deceive Mankind?

The Connections

This site is also a totally unique database containing a wealth of information on
Historical UFO Sightings, Crashes, Quotations, Investigations,
the Paranormal, and Ancient Advanced Technology.

An Introduction to the Connections

The Connections

Close Encounters of the Ancient Kind
An Introduction to UFOs in History

UFOs in History
Hundreds of Historical UFO Sightings
UFOs And The Media
Media Articles From Around The World

UFO Crashes
A Unique Collection of Historical UFO Crash Reports
The UFO Conundrum

The Theories and the Theorists
UFO Investigations
A Guide to Government Probes
The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up

Ignorance or A Planned Deception?
UFO Quotations
Presidents, Government Officials, Scientists, and the Public
How to Debunk Just About Anything
How and Why Debunkers Think and Act
Human Phenomenon In The Bible
What The Bible Says About The Powers of Humans
Human Phenomenon In The World
A Compendium of the Strange Powers of Humans
The Incredible Human Body
An Interesting Look at an Incredible Organism


The Most Comprehensive Assembly of Information About Giants

Ancient Artwork

An Unrivaled Gallery of Ancient Anomalous Artwork
Ancient Construction
Ancient Monoliths and Megaliths
Pyramid Graphics From Around the World
Great Obelisks of the Ancient World
Ancient Technology
Anomalous Technology of the Ancient World
World Anomalies
Terrestrial and Aerial Phenomenon
The World's Gods

A Comparison of the World's Spiritual Beings

The Doctrines of Men

This new work will explain why this verse was not just meant for the time of the Christ:

"And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?"
Luke 6:46

The Bible UFO Connection is often criticized for presenting concepts contrary, or completely
unsubstantiated in the orthodox beliefs of the church.
"The Doctrines of Men" was created to show that, though this may be true, virtually nothing the "church" teaches, practices, or believes has any basis in scripture.  Through diligent and exhaustive biblical research, this work presents a new paradigm about exactly what the Bible teaches, and reveals incredible truths buried under centuries of alteration of the very foundations of the true church Jesus inspired.

The Reality of God
Is the god of the pulpit the God of the Bible? Are the religious leaders the creation and tool of the true God or is their god the creation and tool of religious leaders?

Jesus, The Christ
Was this spirit being, the God of Moses, born of a human mother, a dynamic, well respected, and socially active citizen, or was he the homeless and socially reviled vagabond the church portrays?

The Incredible Gospel of Jesus
Is it simply salvation from sin or something much more incredible? The almost unbelievable
but true destiny of mankind is revealed in hundreds of scriptural references.

The True Nature of Mankind
Is man just a physical organism that is expendable and disposed of if not conforming to church doctrine? Or is mankind a race of spiritual beings in physical form?  What the Bible says about the powers of humans, strange powers of humans in this world, giants in the Bible and the world, and the incredible organism called the human body.  And the truth about women in the Bible.

Humanity Incorporated
The truth about "The Great Deception", high evil and deception in the corporate world,
the Mark of the Beast, the satanic reality, and the the world's dark future.

The Church
What is true religion? What were the practices of the First Church Jesus founded, how was it altered,
how was the Bible and the church changed to suit the Emperor Constantine,
and result in the complete non-biblical nature of the modern church?

The Bible of the Church
The history of the Bible, The "Lost Books" of the Bible, Old Testament Apocryphal writings,
and Bible misconceptions

Doctrines and Practices of the Church
The truth about church symbols, the tithe, the tax exempt status of the church, heaven, hell, faith, the law, prayer, the holy days, creation, the flood, the Holy Spirit, angels, Satan, demons, crypto-creatures, the occult, the paranormal and the Revelation

The Bible - The Lost Books
How many books actually make up a complete Bible and was King James guided by God or greed?

Anomalies In The Lost Books
Evidence of advance technology and connections to the King James Bible.

Anomalies In The Apocryphal Books
The anomalies connecting the Apocrypha to the Authorized King James Bible and the
advanced technology of the Elohiym.

Anomalies In The Lost Books By Category
The anomalies in the lost books separated into appropriate categories.

The Links

UFOs in The Ancient World
This page contains links to sites that deal with connections between UFOs 
and ancient religious text and other ancient writings.

UFOs in Our World
UFO sites not focusing specifically on the ancient connections. 
Many of these sites do have information relating to the ancient world.
The Paranormal
The anomalous, mysterious, and spiritual world is linked in this section. 
Worldwide and Space Anomalies
Sites focusing on the unexplained physical anomalies present on Earth and 
in our close planetary neighborhood.

Social Service
Service to mankind is one of two core principles of all ancient wisdom. 
Planetary Stewardship

Proper stewardship of the Earth, its biosphere, and all living things is the
second of the two core principles of all ancient wisdom. 
Useful and Interesting Sites
These sites are unrelated to the subject matter contained in this website but are 
collected here for the enjoyment of, and as a service to, our visitors

Bible References
Links to aid in the study and clarification of this work and to aid in personal 
study and edification.
The Opposition
Yes, these are the sites of those who believe this work is a deception, an 
abomination, or a misconception.  Truth has nothing to fear.

All verses appearing in this work are taken from the Authorized King James Bible.

All translations presented in this work are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.

A Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this work is to present proof that the UFOs in our modern skies have been flying in those skies for the entirety of world history. The beings controlling these high tech flying vehicles are not "aliens", in the sense that they are visitors to this world, but in fact the same beings that terra formed / created the biosphere we inhabit. Human beings have recorded the presence of these beings since the dawn of time, and are more closely related to them than has been revealed by the true powers in control of the information, which forms the mainstream view of this concept.
This work does not attempt to prove God is an alien; it presents ample evidence and simple logic that the Gods have been mistaken for an alien race. We present this evidence to show mankind that there are forces on this planet, which have reason to condition mankind into believing the Earth is under threat of an alien invasion. Those forces are now manipulating mankind into a warlike and defensive posture, which will soon be refocused from the current planetary terrorist threat to an “extraterrestrial”
terrorist threat, an invasion from space. The result is all humanity will unite against the returning fleet of the Christ returning to Earth to capture, and imprison those evil forces plaguing the planet. Mankind is being recruited to arm itself with massive planetary, and space based weapons to fight against a destructive alien invasion, which will actually be the returning Christ they claim to worship, and expect to save the world.
The Greatest Deception is that mankind has been falsely led to believe that the Gods could pose a threat to the very race they created. And as the deception grows the true enemy is destroying the planet's environment, and the wealth, diversity, and social structure of all global civilizations through monetary, and social control in every aspect of life. The ultimate goal is world domination by global corporate financial powers and social monitoring, with the resulting threat of planetary devastation, and eventual destruction. The ultimate eradication of all known life will be stayed only by the intervention of those beings flying in our skies, as evidenced in the writings of the world's ancient cultures. One of those ancient writings is the King James Bible, a work that could just as easily be called, "The Ultimate Guide To UFOs And Their Occupants"

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